Friday, December 30, 2011

Dear Diary,

Trying to get a teenager to do her Year in Review of 2011 based on mass media is like, well, I'm so frustrated. I don't even have words. Just do the freaking assignment. How hard can it be?

So I decided to write on the things that I remember from my Freshman Year, using these Year in Review lists.

Things that I cared about:
(1) The internet, tobacco, and OJ Simpson.
(2) Oasis, Alanis Morrisette, and Mariah Carey
(3) Braveheart
(4) OKC bombing, Dolly the cloned sheep,

The internet:
Did you see the card catalog they put in the high school? It's a COMPUTER! Soon it will be attached to all the other libraries. Creepy, huh?

We can't watch Cigarette ads on TV anymore. There aren't any more. So, all those lessons about how to not be influenced by tobacco ads--OUTDATED! We can skip that chapter in class.

OJ Simpson
Could you ever have a sports hero ever again?

Will my sister turn that OFF already? (We shared a room. I hated oasis!)

Alanis Morrisette.
Seriously, my mom can't like pop music. That's not right. But, she bought this album, and I've always loved it.

Mariah Carey
I love I found a soul singer I can sing along with. My sister got this on tape.

I hate Mel Gibson. I hate that my last name is Wallace and everyone says, "Are you related to William Wallace, the guy from the movie?" However, it's really fun to make fun of.

Oklahoma City Bombing
OH MY GOD that was not good. Everyone was in shock. NO one could stop talking about it. I don't even watch Television and I can draw pictures from memory of the stuff they showed all over the media.

If they could clone a sheep, is anyone safe? Can we save our DNA and maybe live forever? Will my friends and I ever stop talking about dinosaurs? EVER?!?! Didn't we all see Jurassic Park? ISN'T THIS BAD?!

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