Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dear Diary,

I am back to words.

  1. I have caught up on all but four of the webcomics I read.
  2. I have looked up writing competitions.
  3. I have sketched out plotlines.
  4. I went to the book give-away
  5. I am reading
  6. I am teaching English, and learning some details of the structure of Korean language.
    • I can write "Seoul" and "South Korea" and "Wan" in Korean, though I can't pronounce them.
  7. I just signed up for Camp Nanowrimo. There are two--one in July and one in August. Both of those months have 31 days instead of 30, which means 1,613 words a day--fifty-four fewer than in November.

So. Maybe I'll write more in my fancy beautiful diary and insert the fun parts here. I wouldn't get my hopes up, though.