Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dear Diary,

I love shopping on Christmas Eve because people are so extraordinarily friendly.

Everywhere I went there were free cookies and/or complimentary coffee. Sometimes homemade cookies.

There were bell ringers dancing.

The tip jar was stuffed full, by 10 AM.

The roads were nearly empty.

Main Street was full, but everyone was grinning.

They had free limo rides as well as free horse and carriage rides.

You could see other people in their cars singing Christmas songs along with the radio. (Pa rum pa pum pum is quite recognizable.)

Everyone says Hi when you walk in, and Thank You when you leave, and even the customers call out Merry Christmas before the door closes behind you.

Sometimes, on a normal day, I wish I could make one day--just one--that everyone could be in a good mood.

Seems like someone beat me to it.

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